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If you've ever experienced an air conditioning failure in the middle of summer, you quickly realize how important your HVAC System is to your overall comfort. Air Conditioning Systems work hard all summer long to ensure that you and your family remain comfortable, even when the temperatures are extreme.

Because of the heat, humidity, and dirt in our environment, air conditioning systems require regular and ongoing maintenance. We not only perform this maintenance, but we have a rewards program that enables you to save money, time, and ultimately reap the benefits of that proactive maintenance that you've been completing.

Our highly trained technicians will always arrive with a smile, ready to do whatever it takes to restore your comfort in your home, and confidence in your HVAC System. We realize that you have many companies that you can choose from, but once you've used Service Heroes, we are confident that you'll never look back at another company.

Here are a few frequently asked questions...
  • My Air Conditioner is >10 Years Old, Do I have to replace it? Simply stated, you do not "have" to do anything. If you feel that repairing your older HVAC System is what fits best in your budget and comfort needs - we will always help you accomplish that. Age does not equal replacement, it's simply a guideline that is used by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

  • If I do not use my system a lot, it will last longer, right? We run into this situation many times each year. Seasonal usage varies significantly if a client is not around full time. However, just like a car, the lack of usage can create problems too! It is good to keep your HVAC Unit running - even when you're not around. We recommend 85* for a home that is unoccupied in the summer months.

  • How often should I replace my air filter? This depends largely on what type of filtration you have. If you have the standard 1" Filtration which is what you'll find in most homes, the filter manufacturer recommends at least once every 30 Days. These filters foul relatively fast, and then allow dirt and debris to bypass the air filter and get into your complex cooling components.

Don't Waste Time | Call Service Heroes

Your time is valuable. This is exactly why we will always do our best to arrive exactly when we say we will, give you a realistic repair time, and present you with every option that you may need to prevent future breakdowns. Your time, and your peace of mind are now our A#1 Priority!

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