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What are you breathing?

In the world that we live in today, there's a lot of concern around the air that we breathe. At the outset of the pandemic, homeowners were extremely interested in duct cleaning and sterilization, as well as installing an air scrubber in their home. As time has progressed, the emphasis that was once put on these services has faded. While the emphasis may have faded, the importance of it has not. What are you actually breathing? What kind of air do you think is coming out of those old vents in your home? What happens when you do not replace your air filter regularly? Well - it causes dirt, dust, debris, and VOC's to be circulated through the air conditioning and heating system - straight into the space that you are in.

What is involved in duct cleaning?

This depends largely on the package that you select. Some clients prefer to have the ducts vacuumed with our precision hepa-filter vacuum that removes the dirt and dust from your air conditioning and heating system's transfer ducts. Other clients prefer to have the entire system cleaned, disinfected, and have UV Filtration installed at the time that it is done. While this can feel like an invasive process, because it requires us to enter each room, remove every register, and lay-down plastic to prevent dust in your home, or damage to your flooring or furniture during the cleaning process.

The benefits...

Purify Your Indoor Air - Get rid of all of the particulates in your ductwork and clean the air inside your home. We ensure that all of your ductwork is cleaned, and keeping you breathing easy!

Reduce Allergies and Asthma Attacks - Purifying the air that you breathe can make a big difference for those family members and friends that suffer from severe allergies and/or asthma.

Improved Efficiency - Imagine when you're breathing better, so is your air conditioning and heating system! Cleaning the ducts can reduce energy consumption, improve your quality of life, and help you save money each month!

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