Brrrr...Let's turn on the heat!

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

You might be thinking that we are crazy right now. However, the data never lies. We have received many calls in the last few days regarding "no heat." This is usually a good indication that we have had sustained low temperatures overnight. It may have been colder two days ago, but you're just now feeling it. Why?

Is your house well-insulated?

If your home is well-insulated, it will resist temperature change in the home longer than if your home is poorly insulated. By today's requirements, a home should be insulated to R-38. This number has been scientifically proven to provide the greatest comfort in your home. Anything more is somewhat useless...anything less means that your air conditioning and heating system is going to run more than it needs to run.

When it comes to sustained, overnight temperatures - this is where things tend to compound over the course of a few days. The first night may be comfortable - even when it's cooler outside. The second night, you're beginning to feel the chill. By the third night, you're ready to throw-in the towel and turn on the heater.

Don't just "burn it off"

This may not be the best idea. If your furnace has not been serviced this year, it may be better for you to contact your service company to do a full-inspection of the heating system before you begin running it for the season. Yes, we hope that your service company is A#1 Service Heroes - but your safety means the most.

A qualified, licensed Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor can perform a multi-point inspection on your furnace to ensure that it is safe to run for the season. In addition to that, most reputable companies will quote you a standard price for a seasonal inspection. If you have never heard of our Hero Rewards Program - Click Here to check it out.

Whether your heating system is electric, gas, or heat-pump - you want to make sure that it will provide you safe, comfortable and reliable performance all winter long.

Check those Detectors!

If you have not replaced the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, now would be a GREAT time to do so! If you're uncomfortable or unable, our team of professional technicians will always help you get the job done. Again, your safety is our highest priority.

Important Note: Do not ever "guess" at what that alarm beep means. If you don't know, evacuate the house and contact the fire department. While a typical single-beep every few minutes is indicative of a failing battery - don't leave it up to chance when you're dealing with older smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.

If you do not have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home - give us a call. We will provide you with a free quote on adding or replacing them.

Heat Responsibly.

Remember that you're still consuming a valuable and precious resource when you're heating your home. If you're going to be away for the day, turn your heater down to 65 Degrees or less. This will prevent you from heating an unoccupied home and wasting energy and money. There are many thermostats out there that allow you to program your heating and air conditioning system on a schedule. For Instance, I leave my house at 78* During the Day in the Summer - and 75* when I return home. In the winter, I leave my house at 60* and bump it up to 67* at night when I return home.

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