Do You Have Dirty Ducts? 5 Signs Your House Has Dirty Air Ducts

The air you are breathing could be making you sick. In addition to cleaning and properly maintaining your homes air conditioning and heating system, duct cleaning will improve your indoor air quality and protect your family’s health and safety.

Cleaning & sanitizing the air ducts helps to remove the common causes of allergies. dust, mold spores and pollen are among the most common particles that dirty air ducts harbor. An air duct cleaning and sanitizing service in your home can help reduce these allergens.

Here are 5 of the biggest signs that you need air vent cleaning as soon as possible.

1. You’ve Found Mold

If you start to see green or black spots around your vents, that’s because you’ve got a buildup of moisture and there’s mold growing. This buildup is because something is blocking your ventilation, so it needs to be dealt with immediately.

2. You Can’t Get Rid Of Dust

When you can’t seem to get rid of the dust in your home, regardless of how much you clean, then you probably have dirty ducts. This is very common in older houses & the desert communities.

If you take a look at the supply and return vents in your home, you’ll notice that they’re visibly dusty. Remove them and take a look at the ductwork inside. If that’s visibly dirty as well, then you need a deep duct clean.

3. Filters Get Dirty Too Quickly

Have you been spending big money on air filters? No air filters should need replacing within a few weeks of putting them in, so there are probably more severe problems at the heart of this one.

Dirt has probably been piling up in your ducts for a while, which would, of course, cause you to have to swap out filters. Get your ducts cleaned and you’ll probably notice a huge difference in the life of your filters.

4. The System Smells

If there’s a distinct smell when the system turns on, then this is probably the result of air duct problems. This smell is often due to mold being pushed out of your vents. As we said earlier, ingesting mold is harmful, so you need to get this dealt with soon.

5. Your Energy Bill Is Going Up

Lastly, if you start to notice your energy bills going up, then it could be dirty ducts. Of course, high bills could be the result of various things, but if you notice that, combined with one or more of these other signs, then it’s probably a duct issue.

The cost of air duct cleaning and repair is nothing compared to what you’ll save on your bills.

The Solution – Let Us Clean Your Air Ducts

Contact us at A1 Service Heroes. We service Riverside & San Bernardino counties and can help you with all of your duct cleaning needs. Don’t live with dirty air ducts, if you notice any of these signs, cleaning is probably overdue, so give us a call.

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