Flow-Tech Home Max

Updated: Jan 11

Water Treatment Redefined.

You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to keep the pipes in your home protected from scale. The Flow-Tech Home MAX Anti-Scale System is designed to silently protect your home and can be installed near your Water Heater. It's LED Display gives you a visual graph of the waves intensity, and effectiveness at the same time.

Using a low frequency signal, the Flow-Tech system runs 24 hours a day to protect your home and plumbing fixtures. The signal essentially reverses the electromagnetic charge and allows minerals to be dissolved in the water, rather than suspended and stuck to piping in your home.

Benefits of Flow-Tech Home

  • No Salts or Chemicals Used

  • No Wasted Water with Backflush or Brine Rinse

  • Increased Energy Efficiency (by not wasting water)

  • Reduced Soap and Detergent Use

  • Protects Plumbing Fixtures and Water Appliances

  • Removal of Scale Buildup

  • No Maintenance Required

  • No Slick/Slimy Feeling (Such as Salt Softening Systems)

$300 Instant Rebate - Must be installed by 01/31/2021

If you're finally ready to upgrade your water treatment (or install it for the first time) - we are offering a $300 Instant Rebate on EVERY installation that is completed on or before 12/31/2020.

Buy online, tell us when you want it installed. Simple. Easy. Service Heroes.

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