Funny Smells in the House?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Does Your AC Smell Funny?

Air conditioning systems, especially the newer high efficiency systems should not be blowing stinky air. Air conditioners, just like cars, don’t smell bad when they work perfectly well, and if they do start to smell—then it’s time you had the problem checked out by a professional such as a Service Hero.

Bad smells can be anywhere from an electrical problem to a mold problem that could be impacting your health. In fact, using your nose to detect a problem could be a surefire way to avoid more expensive repairs in the future when you contact our team ahead of schedule!

So, if you think one of the following smells or problems is happening to you, call a Service Hero here in the Coachella Valley. Air conditioners are supposed to supply your home with fresh, cool air to be healthy & live comfortably.

Smells Signify Problems

A bad smell almost always signifies a problem with your AC. No matter what the smell is, it is never good. Air conditioners are supposed to supply your home with fresh, cool air that smells how your air ducts or the interior smells.

Musty Smell

While your air conditioner might deal mostly with air, it also deals with moisture. Every air conditioner has a certain level of dehumidification properties, which means its removing moisture from the air as it cools it. However, when it does that, it has to remove the moisture through a “condensate line” that leads out of your home. When that line gets clogged or dirty, it can retain the water. Think about it, when water gets stuck in a cool, dark place, you’re bound to have mold and mildew begin to grow. This is usually the culprit of a musty smell.

This particular type of smell can also relate to old ductwork or dirty evaporator coils. Either of these should be addressed since the dirty air can make you sick—but always call for a professional to have your ducts cleaned or your evaporator coils cleaned. Never try to do these fixes on your own.

Worse Smells

Anything worse than a musty smell needs to be addressed. There could be a pest that’s contained in your ductwork or somewhere within your air conditioner that’s causing your air to smell bad. Not only will this create a “skunk” of a problem, it will also heavily impact the efficiency of your air conditioner. Think about it, if a critter is lodged in your AC somewhere, it is restricting airflow and causing your system to work much harder to cool your home than it should be. If you value your health, comfort, and energy bills, then you’re better off having a Service Hero address this problem for you.

Smells are simple yet effective ways to notice a problem with your AC and have it fixed. Don’t, under any circumstance, ignore a smell that seems foul or uncomfortable. Your home should smell fresh, the way that you want it.

Call us today at A1 Service Heroes to schedule an appointment.

Funny Smells in the House?

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