Save Money with LED Bulbs


Modern LED Bulbs can save up to 80% of the energy that is consumed lighting your home? It's true. If you have older, incandescent or halogen bulbs, you're spending more than you need to spend for lighting...not to mention the heat that you're generating by using them!

Early LED Lighting was quite expensive and did not provide the return on investment that newer systems provide today. Leveraging this technology has become more affordable, easier to configure, and far more reliable. With that in mind, what stops you from upgrading your existing lighting?

One of our clients took the leap of faith and installed a new whole-home smart bulb system. This consisted of more than 40 bulbs, 18 switches, and the smart hub. By automating the lighting in their home, they were able to achieve a complete return on investment in less than two-years. Couple that with a 10-Year Warranty on the Equipment - these systems continue to provide savings and reduce the heat-load in your home, which increases your comfort.

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LED Lighting, Energy Savings
Upgrade your lighting and save money!

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