Take Control of your Water Usage

Save Money. Save Time.

Considering that water is a precious resource, and that it is not limitless, it is no wonder that water prices are going up. Unless your home is on a community reclaimed water project for irrigation, you're spending a mint just ensuring that your plants have enough water to survive - but rarely watering enough or at the right time to watch them flourish and grow.

Depending on what model you've installed or are installing, there are intelligent features that calculate how much water is needed for your plants, trees, and grass. Taking only a few minutes to set up the controller, you can take hundreds of dollars off of your annual bills.

Here are several things to look for when shopping for a smart controller...

  1. Does the Smart Controller support WIFI and not just Bluetooth?

  2. Does the Smart Controller reduce or shutdown watering on a rainy day?

  3. Does the Smart Controller alert you if the system or zone is inoperable?

  4. Does the Smart Controller allow you to choose watering configuration by plant type?

  5. Does the Smart Controller allow you to configure your watering schedule?

Here's a few Water Conservation Ideas...

  1. Install a Recirculating Line or Recirculating System

  2. Cut your shower time by only 15%

  3. Install low-flow, double-flush toilets in your home

  4. Sweep Walkways, Don't spray them!

  5. If you use a dishwasher - ensure that it is a water-conserving dishwasher.

  6. Use High-Efficiency Washing Machines

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