The Little Air Conditioner that Could!

We oftentimes meet homeowners that know that their air conditioning and heating system is barely holding on. In fact, we recently met a client who told us that she said a little prayer every time she heard the unit kick on. No one wants to spend money unnecessarily amidst a Global Pandemic. The problem is, many clients wait until it fails completely before they decide to replace this mechanical equipment.

If only we had a magic crystal ball that could tell us exactly when this equipment will fail. If we did, I'm fairly certain that many homeowners would put a renewed sense of urgency on finding the next generation of their Home Comfort System. There are always indications of pending failure, but the hour and minute is never known.

If you believe that your air conditioner is costing you excessive amounts of money in the summer months, there's a number of equipment choices that can help you save money, have an affordable monthly payment, and upgrade the Little Air Conditioner that Could!

Did you know that we are the first company in the Coachella Valley to have an online store where you can select, customize, and purchase most of your home's mechanical equipment? Because of the Global Pandemic, we decided to put the options in front of you 24/7!

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If your air conditioner and heating system is more than 15 years old - it may be a good time to upgrade!
The Little Air Conditioner that Could...

Granger's Mechanical Inc., dba A1 Service Heroes is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our Our CSLB License Information is Available by Clicking Here.

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