The Royal Flush

Toilet problems are not uncommon. If you have ever dealt with a stopped up or improperly operating toilet system - you certainly understand how frustrating that can be. We understand that too - which is why we wanted to discuss toilets with you.

Just like anything else, toilets do wear out. That's not to say that the first issue that arises is indicative of a problem that requires replacement - that's merely saying that they're forgotten until things go wrong. We're going to share a list of things that can go wrong with a toilet - and what you can do to ensure that your commode continues to be reliable for years to come.

Water Level: This has a huge impact on the flush-ability of a toilet. Toilets have a minimum amount of water that is required to properly purge the contents of the toilet bowl. If there is not enough water in the tank - this will be a problem for you.

Inoperable or Improperly Operating Flapper: It seems so simple, right? However, there's a science to adjusting a toilet flapper. If the chain is too loose, it will not pull the flapper all of the way up, and if it is too tight, the flapper may never seal properly. A good rule of thumb is to pull the chain taught, and then add 3-4 links in the adjustment to ensure that it is operating properly when you move the handle.

A Clog: Clogs can occur in the flange, the trap, or the drain itself. Remember that excessive use of paper or flushing foreign objects such as Q-Tips or feminine hygiene products may cause a partial blockage in the trap.

Clogged Jet: Almost every toilet out there has a "Jet" that induces the flushing when water is delivered to the toilet bowl. This jet essentially becomes clogged over the years because of hard water, foreign objects, etc. When the jet is not moving the proper amount of water, you tend to see the toilet bowl fill up and then slowly flush.

A few "tricks of the trade"

If you make an adjustment to water level or the flapper - make sure you flush the toilet multiple times and allow it to refill. This will ensure that it can deliver the royal flush when it's needed. A good rule of thumb is a minimum of 3-flushes after any adjustment is made.

If the jet has become clogged or narrowed by hard water, it is highly recommended that you consider replacing the toilet. However, if you're not able to do so - a bit of sanding with fine sand paper can help break up the scale that's in the jet.

Taking the Plunge

If you do need to plunge the toilet, understand that plunging too hard can blow-out the wax ring that seals the toilet to the "closet flange." If that happens, you'll have a sewage leak every time you flush your toilet. That's not desirable, right?

If you feel like you're in over your head, you probably are. We understand that it is not everyone's specialty. We are available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year to ensure that everything is flowing in the right direction for you! Give us a call! 844-654-4376

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