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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Fellow Citizens,

It comes as no surprise that we are faced with yet another "stay at home order" in California. This year has been especially challenging to navigate how to provide responsible and reliable service, when there are so many risks of performing work in a customer's home. While the latest stay at home order is not seemingly as inclusive as the last, it is still detrimental to local small businesses, personal finance, and of course, the health of our community.

As your trusted provider, we believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that we not only keep you and your home safe, but also keep our team and their homes safe as well. In March, there were so many unknowns with how the virus spread - let alone the long-term ramifications of putting our team in harms way. That is why we made the decision to implement a "Emergency Service Only" model until we could fully understand those things.

Fast-forward nine-months, and we are faced with these decisions again. The key difference is that we understand so much more about it. We understand how to mitigate risk of transmission within our company and your home. While we believe that we have a responsibility to the community to reduce our activities to essential services only, we also recognize that every service that we provide is essential to the life, safety and comfort of our clients. We also believe that every service or business is essential to the community, and to the people in which it serves.

As we approach Christmas, we have found that cold temperatures are creating more demand-calls than we have ever had. This is largely because more people are at home, not to mention the influx of families migrating to the Coachella Valley from other locations such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc. These families are not accustomed to the unique weather that we deal with in the Coachella Valley. Rest assured, we will remain open for business, and continue to provide air conditioning, plumbing and electrical services to our community around the clock.

Here's what we have done, and what we promise to do for you!

  1. Implemented Mandatory Daily Temperature Checks

  2. Implemented Mandatory Daily Wellness Checks

  3. Implemented Mandatory Mask Policy when Inside a Customers Home

  4. Implemented Staggered-Shift Arrival Times for Morning Restock and Wellness Checks

  5. Implemented Whole-Home Sanitation after Installation of New HVAC System

  6. Implemented Schedule Change to reduce hours worked, and maximize time at home.

  7. Implemented Social Distancing Procedures for Technicians and Staff.

  8. Implemented Mandatory Glove-Usage when working in your Home.

  9. Implemented Immediate "bagging" of old Air Filters.

  10. Reduced Pricing for Replacement Air Filters and UV Filtration, and Duct Cleaning.

In addition to those ten items, we train and coach our staff weekly on changes in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) best-practices, rules, and suggestions. Just like all of you, we are eager to put this behind us once and for all. We are doing the best that we can to ensure that we remain available for you, keep you safe, and keep our team out of harms way - so we simply ask that you let us know on the phone if anyone in your home is ill. We also ask that you wear your mask when we are working in your home - as this is said to be one of the most effective ways to combat this destructive virus.

Should you have any questions about our status as an essential service, about the services that we continue to provide, or any concerns that you would like us to address - please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Stay Safe and Stay Responsible!

Greg Granger


Granger's Mechanical Inc., dba A1 Service Heroes

Phone: 760-565-2691

Email: greg.granger@a1serviceheroes.com

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