Where's the parts?

This has been a difficult year. Not only from a business perspective, but from a personal perspective as well. One of the greatest challenges that we've faced thus far has been navigating through the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic while continuing to provide amazing customer service. This is largely because our team, just like any other, has to ensure that we are following the CDC and State Guidelines for Operations.

Each August, it seems as though there is no more equipment or few parts available through distributors and supply houses. While there are many reasons for this, such as depleting inventory due to high-demand, this year, we have something more at play.

The pandemic and the guidelines that it has brought with it have caused regional and global shortages from manufacturers. When you compound that with slowed shipments, longer delays at ports of entry, and longer delays even at truck scales, this is a catastrophe waiting to happen for suppliers, dealers, and vendors.

As the leader of this organization, I am impressed by the workload that our team carries, and I am even more impressed by how they continually think outside the box. Despite the challenges that we have faced as a company, contractor, and dealer of specific components, we continue to press forward and look towards better days ahead.

Just know this...

  1. If we are attempting to find parts for any client, we are exhausting every option at our disposal - searching with a 150+ Mile Radius for the parts for expedited delivery or pickup directly from the warehouse.

  2. If we have to deliver the news that a part is not available...this upsets us just as much as it upsets you. I've never met a contractor or company that prides themselves in delayed repairs.

  3. We are following up on your equipment and material requests throughout the day, with all manufacturers that have pending parts or material orders from us.

  4. We are identifying "suitable substitutes" that can be used in the interim to keep your HVAC System Cooling until the OEM Parts can be sourced and delivered.

  5. We are all feeling the same pain. We want to put all of this behind us, just like you do. We want to ensure that you're comfort is our A1 Priority!

I realize that this year has been difficult for all of us - which is why we are working to make the restoration of your comfort as pain-free as possible.

Should you have any questions, you can always email me at: greg.granger@a1serviceheroes.com or you can contact me on my Cellular Phone at: 760-797-7683.


Greg Granger


Granger's Mechanical Inc., dba A1 Service Heroes

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