's more than changing a filter!

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems have changed over the last decade - and even more so just in the last couple of years. With newer refrigerants and air conditioning and heating systems, there is so much more importance to regular and continuous preventative maintenance on your investment.

When was the last time that your air conditioning and heating system had routine maintenance by a licensed air conditioning contractor? If it's been more than six months, you may want to consider scheduling your maintenance as soon as possible. Newer, R-410A Air Conditioning Systems operate at nearly two-times the operating pressure of the older, R-22 Air Conditioning Systems. This means that they are more susceptible to heat and dirt - which drives down performance and drives up the repair bills.

At A1 Service Heroes, we follow ACCA Standard Guidelines on HVAC Maintenance, and confirm that your air conditioning and heating equipment is operating within the appropriate manufacturer specifications. Oftentimes, there are minor adjustments needed in order to ensure that the HVAC System provides continued and reliable comfort for years to come.

It's more than just hosing down the condensing unit and replacing the air filter. While that is what many homeowners believe that's all there is to a maintenance inspection, there are more than 70 Points that are measured, tested, cleaned and verified on every maintenance. For a well-seasoned technician, this inspection can take anywhere from 1-2 Hours, PER UNIT.

Just like most contractors, we prefer to be proactive instead of reactive. Maintenance Inspections (also known as tune-ups) are an opportunity for the homeowner to get ahead of the failures and ensure that the HVAC Equipment will provide comfort through the respective season. No matter how old, or how new your HVAC Equipment is - maintenance is important, and necessary.

From a Service Standpoint - Regular Maintenance is a great time to identify failing components and replace proactively, and it's also a time where data is collected to improve the product, the installation, and the serviceability of the respective equipment.

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