Why is my air conditioner freezing up?

Your Air Conditioning System is NOT designed to make Ice! If you walk outside in the heat and you find that your air conditioning system is frozen - shut it off as soon a possible! In this article, we'll discuss the most-common causes of an iced up air conditioning system in the summer.

  1. Check your Air Filter - If your air filter is dirty or clogged, the air conditioning system is likely freezing because of low indoor airflow. This condition makes the system appear and operate as though it is low on refrigerant - which ultimately means that you're spending more money to cool the same space in your home.

  2. Bad or Intermittent Blower Motor - These motors do eventually fail. When they do, it's always at the worst time of day - on the worst day of the year! A bad or intermittent blower motor does not flow any or an inadequate amount of air across the evaporator coil. In turn, this also makes the system freeze up and behave as if it is low on refrigerant. Consult a Professional before attempting your own repair!

  3. Failed Control Contactor - Sometimes, these little guys cause a lot of problems. When pitting and arcing occurs, it causes the contacts to weld together internally. When this condition exists, the condenser continues to run outside when the blower is off inside. If this was to happen for an extended period of time, it can cause significant and irreparable damage to your condensing unit! We recommend having a complete tune-up and inspection completed if you suspect that this is happening!

  4. Low Refrigerant Charge - When this happens, it typically means that there is a leak somewhere. Now that R-22 Refrigerant has been "phased out" - it may be time to consider changing out your system to a newer, more efficient air conditioning and heating system. While there are always "drop-in" refrigerants available, in our experience, they do not cool as well, and are meant to be more of a temporary solution.

If you need help understanding and diagnosing your HVAC System - give us a call at: 760-206-8151 to book a service appointment, or use the red "Click to Schedule a Hero" button!

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