The "Why" Behind Delayed Maintenance Visits

November 10, 2020

To our Clients, Neighbors, and Community:

This year, unlike so many in the past, we are having to deal with adapting our business to the changes and rules regarding COVID-19. Going back to March, we were the only company in the Coachella Valley that did not proclaim their “essential business” status. At the time, we were dealing with a virus that we knew little about, and we knew even less about how it was transmitted between people. Back then, we thought that touching a surface could significantly increase our chances of contracting COVID-19 from even rubbing your eyes after coming in contact with coronavirus.

As we watched California go into the state-wide “Safer at Home” order, we understood that while we were indeed an essential service, there were parts of our business that were not “essential” at the time. Thus, we suspended all maintenance activities until outdoor temperatures peaked over 100 Degrees in late April. This means that we had a significant number of maintenance inspections to perform, while maintaining increased distance, time, and quarantine, should one of our team members fall ill.

Fast-forward to today, our team remains committed to serving you and your home. We are committed to helping you be proactive with your maintenance inspections, we just have to complete them at a slower pace than normal.

Here’s why…

1. We have a duty to protect our team members and ensure that they are healthy…daily.

2. If one of our team members falls ill, they do not return to work until they have Doctors clearance and are confirmed to be free of COVID-19.

3. We have increased the distance between team members, which means that we are operating at a capacity that is 45% less than normal – specifically in the Call Center.

4. Materials are becoming harder and harder to find. Even air filters.

5. We need to be available for clients who have an emergency.

Finally, our commitment to our team and their families is that we will get them home safely each day. They have the commitment to be forthright with us if they are not feeling well, or if they believe they have been exposed to the virus. Proper work/rest cycles means a healthier team, a happier team, and far better service for our clients - especially in these trying times.

In our opinion, this is our duty as business owners, leaders, and citizens.

Should you have any questions regarding our operating policy through the pandemic, please feel free to reach out to me at: 760-565-2691 or via email at:


Greg Granger


Granger's Mechanical Inc., dba A1 Service Heroes

Integrity is our Foundation.

Service is our Passion.

Excellence is our Ambition.

THAT is the Service Heroes way!

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